Keeping the Grass Greener and Healthier


Be the model household in your neighborhood by having a well-maintained lawn. The way you take care of your lawn will show in its appearance. But in order for your lawn to be in the best possible shape, you need to mow, water, feed, and aerate it regularly. These can add some value to your home on a personal note, but also if you are thinking of selling it in the future. Lincoln lawn care is easy if your remember these few things.

Remember first of all that mowing is something you need to do in lawn care. Cut only the top height of the grass to about one-third of its total height from the ground. Leave the clippings behind in order to provide fertilizer for your grass. Mowing your lawn regularly maintains the grass in good health.

The blades on your mower need to be sharp at all times to ensure a clean cut every time. Mowing in the same direction is not advisable. Avoid mowing wet grass as wet grass can from clumps that become the habitat for bacteria.

The size of your lawn should determine what size your mower should be. A small walking lawn will do an excellent job mowing a small lawn. A ride-on mower will do a fine job on a big lawn.

Lincoln lawn care requires you to water your grass regularly. Your grass will remain green and healthy if it regularly drinks. Water the grass early in the morning but avoid watering it too frequently. Soak the ground in such a way that the water doesn’t disappear immediately after applying.

Feeding your soil feeds your grass and this is part of Lincoln Landscaping. In order for your grass to grow green and healthy, it needs to be fed good nutrients also. Testing your soil is vital because you will know what nutrients are present and what are lacking. Knowing the nature of your soil and its possible structural deficiencies may be discovered through testing can help improve its properties.

Fertilizing during various seasons like spring or summer requires the right kind of fertilizers. Lawn feeds used during spring or summer have more nitrogen and less phosphate components. On autumn season, low nitrogen and high phosphate feeds are in demand by the soil. To enhance the material composition of your soil, some additives containing fine sand, ammonium, and iron sulfate can be sprinkled on your yard to prevent weeds and moss from growing. The latter part of spring is the best time to use this formula.

Lincoln lawn care also requires that your aerate your soil. The process of aeration improves the root system of your grass by getting ample amounts of oxygen into the soil.


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